Journey with the seven striking challenges

Challenge yourself to expose the best version of yourself.

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At the end of the journey.... You will be

Gandhi's Grandchild


Social butterfly

You are just a scroll away from the challenging journey.

Take a deep breath, fasten your seat belt and brace yourself.

Daily Challenges

High on Existence

Say NO to alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and other non-prescribed drugs as today's dare.

Social butterfly

Come out of your comfort zone and gather your guts to talk to at least one stranger for the day.

Gandhi's grandchild

Enter the Zen zone by doing one act of kindness for today's challenge.

Stereotype samurai

Be aware and non - judgemental about yourself and those around you today.


Spend 30 minutes of your day absorbing a documentary, TED talk or a lecture to cover today's objective

School of life

Go back to your school days and spend some quality time on high existence article.
No devices or talking allowed today. Just silent reading.

Non violence

Communicate compassionately by being kind, honest, complimenting others and lastly don't blame today.

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